ADASure – Dedicated to Accessibility

ADASure – Dedicated to Accessibility

My career, like most people’s, has taken some interesting twists and turns along the way, but one thing has always stayed at the forefront of my efforts—making information available to everyone, everywhere.


When I started studying information science as an undergrad, “accessibility” was a word that existed in my vocabulary in terms of physical accommodations. Most people hear the word and immediately think of ramps and elevators, hallways and doorways, sidewalks and crosswalks. I, too, fell into that camp when I was younger, though I had a more heightened awareness of these issues than most people do. With a mother and sister who both require and benefit from many different accessibility measures, I have always been keenly attuned to and interested in making sure that everyone can share the same places, spaces, and information, regardless of their abilities.


The more I learned about information science throughout my bachelor’s and master’s programs, the more I was able to see gaps in the system; areas where someone with a temporary or permanent disability might be unable to enjoy the same level of access to information that your average person can have.


My 20 years of experience in a number of roles, including software development, QA, and marketing exposed me to a wide range of areas where accessibility was an issue. I was fortunate to work as a subcontractor for the U.S. Department of Defense, and part of that position involved significant training in ADA compliance and regulations. This training was meant to provide a comprehensive background in the requirements for accessibility, at a level that many people don’t get the chance to fully understand. Even without my personal background, the training I gained was invaluable to helping me advance the cause of accessibility in web design and give me just the foundation I needed to launch ADASure.


Like any small business, things started small for our firm. For the majority of the time, it was a team of one—I spent a great deal of time personally auditing hundreds of websites, documents, and collateral material to help organizations big and small achieve compliance with the latest ADA regulations. What began as a personal passion has expanded to offer audits and consultation to more clients, however, and we are proud to be growing our team at ADASure to provide the best possible service to our partners.


Brittany Perkins, the first person other than myself to come onboard with ADASure, has been an incredible addition to the business. Her degrees in marketing and business administration, as well as her background in marketing and QA analysis, make her an ideal business partner, and they have helped us expand the capabilities and expertise at ADASure. In turn, that has allowed us to offer a better, more complete service for our clients. From childhood, she has been committed to helping and serving people, and joining ADASure offered Brittany a way to expand her efforts and devote her energy to accessibility on an even broader scale. She also has extensive experience “on the other side of the table” – as the owner of a performing arts company and a tutoring business, Brittany understands the importance of accurate, complete, and accessible information to developing a customer base and growing a business. We are incredibly excited that she brings over 10 years of experience in education, communication, and QA analysis to ADASure to provide our clients with the best possible service and support.
As our team continues to grow, we remain focused on the most important part of ADA compliance in the internet age—making your site available to everyone. From information and education, to growing client bases and communicating with the broadest possible audience, ADASure is here to help your organization or business achieve and exceed the minimum level of compliance. We look forward to talking to you and working to improve your site for everyone.