CVS is just one of several businesses affected by recent rulings-ADASure-

CVS is just one of several businesses affected by recent rulings

While the full scope of ADA protections when it comes to websites and mobile apps is unclear, a number of recent decisions and opinions do show a trend toward stricter interpretation and enforcement of ADA standard.

Such is the case with Reed v. CVS Pharmacy, Inc. in the Central District of California, where a judge concurred with the plaintiff, ruling that “the business did not comply with the U.S. Justice Department’s directive to ensure that disabled individuals have equal access to websites.”

As more business and personal needs move not only online but into the mobile segment, rulings like these are critical to help other businesses and organizations understand their ADA compliance responsibilities. Many of the recent decisions seem to reinforce the notion that individuals have a right to access information, make purchases, learn about products, and more, regardless of any disability or impairment they may have.

The list of similar cases includes grocery chains (Winn-Dixie), the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Harvard University, Hobby Lobby, Five Guys Burgers, Pizza Hut, and numerous others. Among the majority of these, similar arguments are being made for a higher level of ADA compliance and accessibility for all users, and the consequences of not complying seem to be getting more significant as these cases make their way through the court system.

Given the breadth of organizations currently being affected by these suits and questions of compliance, now seems a critical time to perform an audit of your organization’s site and begin taking steps to ensure increased accessibility to current and future users. Our team stands ready to offer assistance in providing a better, more user-friendly site and in preventing your organization or company from being involved in a similar legal action.