Another retailer sued for website inaccessibility – Hobby Lobby

Another retailer sued for website inaccessibility – Hobby Lobby

In my previous post I mentioned that a new precedent was being set when the grocery chain, Winn-Dixie, was found liable under Title III of the ADA for having an inaccessible website. The following week, the courts ruled that Sean Gorecki, a blind plaintiff could proceed forward with a lawsuit against Hob-Lob, Limited Partnership, which does business as Hobby Lobby, due to the lack of web accessibility. The retailer appeared before U.S District Judge John Walters to request that the courts dismiss the case, however Judge Walter found that the retailer failed to provide disabled individuals full and equal enjoyment of goods and services offered by its physical stores by not having an accessible website.

Hobby Lobby was sued previously for violating the ADA in 2009 when they refused to allow an employee with mobility limitations to perform her job while in a wheelchair; this resulted in a $35,000 payout.

Although the judgment isn’t final and Hobby Lobby has the ability to settle out of court, they still have to deal with the negative impact that this lawsuit may have on their brand. Not to mention that this is going to cost the retailer a potentially large sum – they will have to hire an outside consultancy firm, court fees, and ultimately pay the plaintiff.

We are at the forefront of a new trend and the courts are ruling against businesses – do you want to chance it? Know the rules, protect your website, and help those with disabilities. Leave the work to a team of ADA experts!

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