Issue of the week:  “the little things”-ADASure-

Issue of the week:  “the little things”

WCAG 2.0 guideline 3.3.1 requires that input errors are clearly identified. In short, these rules require an indicator to let you know which fields are required, an error message if a field is missed or entered improperly, and finally an error suggestion so users know how to fix an issue.

Here are just a few issues our developers recently found:

  •   Applications that do not return any error messages – even with  incorrect inputs or missing required fields
  •   Applications with many fields, none are marked as required, yet users receive error messages when they’re not all completed
  •   Forms that indicate required fields and characters but the errors do not indicate which fields have errors so users must double check each one. Easy on a 4-step  form, much      harder on a mortgage application.


Imagine trying to complete an application where, upon submission, you realize the form did not go through. Imagine not receiving any error messages or indicators as to which field was incorrect. Now imagine trying to complete a form, without error messages, and you’re blind.

This is why we help companies makes their sites accessible.