The ADASure Audit Process

The ADASure Audit Process

A number of companies and services may promise to offer a rapid, fully automated compliance audit for your website. But the truth is that the complete process is more involved than simply pointing some piece of software at your content and waiting for the report.

Scanning software, while useful, is not perfect. That is why we combine our software with a team of ADA compliance experts who pore over the results of the technology’s audit, reviewing them for accuracy and confirming whether or not identified issues require immediate action. In addition, the expert review can provide another way to check for compliance concerns that may not have been detected or identified by the scanning software, ensuring the most complete audit process for clients like you.  

Following this full audit procedure, a detailed site scorecard is produced. The scorecard includes ADA regulations and WCAG 2.0 guidelines, allowing ADASure to offer you a comprehensive review and action plan for achieving the highest level of compliance for your content. Our team manually walks through the scorecard to again verify and identify issues, and we utilize a variety of tools including screen readers to ensure that we give you the best look at how your site misses or meets ADA requirements.

ADASure takes one additional step in the audit process, which is checking our own results; we send the complete review to an independent, third-party agency partner, and they run the tests again to verify the issues we have identified and make sure nothing is missed. The result is that your website is being triple checked – a more thorough and complete compliance review than other services can offer.

With all of these steps completed, you and your organization will receive a site “report card” that includes regulations, identified issues, and a pass/fail grade for every guidelines. Any misses or shortcomings are clearly communicated, complete with captioned screenshots, code capture, and time/date stamps so that you know exactly where the problems are.

Through it all, the ADASure audit process is designed to ensure two things—completeness and satisfaction. With more than 2,000 audits completed to date, we are proud to provide clients like you with comprehensive results and action plans that help you achieve compliance, avoid legal issues, and provide your users with the best possible experience on your site.