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Why web accessibility needs to be included in your company culture

Is web accessibility a part of your company culture? You’re probably asking yourself why anyone would need to incorporate this into their current culture, but allow me to explain. The more you and your colleagues understand accessibility, the easier it will be to effectively implement within your organization. This is important so that your company apps and website (mobile and desktop) are always compliant and accessible to those with disabilities.

We are embarking on a new time in which web accessibility will not be an option, instead it will be the standard.  Although the DOJ has not officially released any guidelines to adhere to concerning web accessibility, big organization (which will soon trickle down to smaller organizations) are being sued at an increasingly alarming rate. The frightening part is that decisions are being left to the interpretation of individual judges.

For instance, Domino’s Pizza was sued due to their alleged inaccessible website. The lawsuit was dismissed by Judge James Otero as he stated that “requiring Domino’s to have an accessible website at this time would violate its constitutional right to due process.” Additionally, U.S. District Judge John Walter of the Central District of California ruled that blind plaintiff Sean Gorecki could continue his lawsuit against Hobby Lobby regarding the accessibility of its website.

Your company could be found guilty of violating Title III of the ADA depending on which judge hears your case. I’m not sure how you’re feeling, but I’d rather stay on top of this before any legal issues arise, and incorporating accessibility into your company culture could be the first step. Most importantly, it’s the right thing to do.

But how?

Develop and communicate a clear message on your organizations position on web accessibility. Create measurable objectives such as routine audits. The most important part is engaging with stakeholders to ensure broad support throughout your organization. Encourage your colleagues to expand their understanding of web accessibility.

Remember, research information (articles/videos/blogs), get your staff trained, and seek guidance from experienced developers. You have to learn the basics so that your organization understands accessibility and your company culture focuses on continuing to innovate and develop apps, desktop, and mobile sites that are accessible to everyone.


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